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Color Communication in Textile

Color Communication
What is color communication?
Color communication is process by which we can express a given color accurately , describe that color to another person , and that person reproduce the same color as we perceived.
A variety of conditions affect, how a color looks, such as,
a. light source differences
b. observer differences
c. size differences
d. background and surrounding difference
e. directional differences.

Color communication in textile industry
The color communication in textile industry is very important since each individual has a like or dislike for a particular color, a lot of time is wasted between receiving swatches and developing the same color in dyeing. This not only leads unnecessary delays , but also leads to a wrong shade produced, thus wastage of expensive resources.
Since our color viewing and perceiving is purely subjective , which is affected by the factors described above , therefore same color may appear different in different conditions. So the verbal expression of colors is neither possible and nor accurate enough , then how should colors be expressed and communicated to precisely and accurately to avoid the possibility of misunderstanding and to reproduce the same color ,without affected by the time ,lighting conditions , viewer and surroundings.

What should be the method for expressing and communicating the color accurately and precisely?
To express the color precisely and accurately , the color must be expressed in such a way that a value is allotted to each color and that must be followed by every body., for this a color must be defined numerically.
A color can be expressed by hue, lightness and saturation. For example
Hue:- red, yellow , green , blue, orange, purple etc.
Lightness:-dark colors , light colors etc.
Saturation :- bright colors , vivid colors , dull colors etc.
By using the above three co-ordinates any color can be expressed precisely and numerically by assigning certain values to all these three variables. So a color can be measured , expressed , communicated and reproduced by this system.
There are different system in use to express the color,
1.Munsell system
2. CIE system
3.LCh color space
4.Huntelab color space
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Instruments for measuring the colors
Two types of instruments are generally used to measure and express the color,

Colorimeters express the colors numerically according to international standards and because the color measurement made by colorimeter are done by using the same light source, is unaffected by the surroundings , therefore the measurements are fast, accurate and simple. The colorimeters can be used to find out the color difference between the two colored objects.
For more accurate and highly précised color measurements , spectrophotometers are used. The spectrophotometers are more versatile , suitable for complex color analysis such as metamerism and strength comparison.
Therefore the best method for communicating color is employing the use of a spectrophotometer. To reproduce the same color at a remote place , inter instrument calibration is necessary, so that a color can be measured , communicated, reproduced and controlled under the same circumstances at all places.

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