Friday, November 27, 2009

Colorfastness to dry heat (excluding pressing)

This method is intended for determining the resistance of the color of textiles of all kinds and in all forms to the action of dry heat, excluding pressing.
Three tests differing in temperature are provided; one or more of them may be used, depending on the requirements and the stability of the fibers.
When this method is used for assessing color change and staining in dyeing, printing and finishing processes, it should be recognized that other chemical and physical factors may influence the results.
A specimen of the textile in contact with specified adjacent fabrics is heated by close contact for 30 seconds in a drying oven under a pressure of 4 kPa( 40 kg per sq. cm)  with a medium which is heated to the required temperature such as
1.150 deg.cel
2.180 deg. cel
3.210 deg.cel
Remove the specimen and hang for 4 hrs in a normal climate ( 20deg cel/65% relative humidity)
The change in color of the specimen and the staining of the adjacent fabrics are assessed with the grey scales.

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