Friday, November 27, 2009

Colorfastness to Seawater ISO E02

A specimen of the textile in contact with one or two specified adjacent fabrics is immersed in sodium chloride solution, drained and placed between two plates under a specified pressure in a test device. The specimen and the adjacent fabric(s) are dried. The change in colour of the specimen and the staining of the adjacent fabric(s) are assessed with the grey scales.
Brief Description :-
Wet out the test sample and adjacent fabrics completely in 30 gpl NaCl soloution at room temperature , pour off excess solution. place the test sample between two glass plates or acrylic plates under a pressure of 12.kPa(5 kp/40 cm2) and place in a drying oven for 4 hrs at 37 deg cel. hang to dry in warm air of max 60 deg. cel.
For more details click here:- ISO 105 E02
How to test colorfastness to sea water watch video here

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