Friday, November 27, 2009

Colorfstness to Drycleaning

A specimen of the textile in contact with a cotton fabric bag together with non-corrodible steel discs is agitated in perchloroethylene, then squeezed or centrifuged, and dried in hot air. The change in colour of the specimen is assessed with the grey scale for assessing change in colour. Not suitable for the evaluation of the durability of textile finishes.
Brief Description:-
Sew the test specimen with 12 steel plates into cotton bag (10x10 cm) and place in a stainless steel beaker of 550 ml volume and treat with 300 ml perchloroetylene for 30 min at 30 degree temperature in the launder o meter . then remove the test specim,en , squeeze and dry in hot air max. 60 deg cel.
Assesment:- Change of color , staining of the solvent with grey scale "staining" and / or filter assessment.

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