Thursday, November 26, 2009

Textile Testings :- Color Fastness to Rubbing

Test specifications
Test number : AATCC Test Method 8-2005,ISO 105-X12,
This test specifies a method for determining the resistance of the colour of textiles of all kinds, including textile floor coverings and other pile fabrics, to rubbing off and staining other materials.
Crockmeter is used for testing the transference of color from the surface of one material to another by either wet or dry rubbing.
Specifications of apparatus as per standard :- ISO 105, BS 1006, AATCC 8, BS EN 20105

Testing of color fastness to Dry Rubbing
Properly mount the specimen and test cloths. Reset the  counter . The finger is positioned on the specimen at the base’s front end and handle is rotated in the clockwise direction at the rate of approximately 1 revolution per second. The handle is then rotated equal to the number of strokes specified by the test method.When the desired number of strokes is reached, the crocking cloth is removed from the finger and its degree of staining has to be evaluated by SDC grey scale.
Testing of color fastness to Wet Rubbing:
A fresh piece of crocking cloth is soaked in distilled water and the excess water is removed so that it contains its own mass of water.This wet piece of the crocking cloth is fixed over the end of the finger of the Crockmeter and the test is undertaken.     
The dyed or printed fabric is mounted on the lower platform.Then 10 cycles are rubbed with a white fabric. The extent of color that rubs away onto the white fabric is determined against the grey scale for staining. click here for detail:- Standard Test method
Watch video :- How to Test crocking fastness of textiles

Specification for cotton rubbing cloth
ISO-105 F09 2009
ISO 105-F09:2009 specifies a cotton rubbing cloth which can be used for the assessment of staining in colour fastness to rubbing tests. The staining properties of the cotton rubbing cloth under test are assessed against a cotton rubbing cloth reference fabric, using a cotton dyed reference fabric, both of which are available from a specified source.

For complete specifications Click Here

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