Thursday, November 26, 2009

Textile Testings:-Colorfastness to Carbonizing X01

Carbonizing AlCl3 ISO X01
Specifies a method for Determining the Resistance of the color of textiles in all forms to the manufacuring operation designed to remove vegetable impurities by a treatment at high temperatures and with the cited chemical. The method is mainly applicable to wool and textiles containing wool, particularly those containing also polyamde or acetate fibers.
Brief Description
Immerse the test specimen for 15 minutes at room temperature in Aluminium Chloride solution (51.4 gpl AlCl3 .6 H2O) at a liq ratio 20:1 , squeeze to 80% pickup, dry for at least 30 minutes at max 6o Degree Cel., Then 15 min at 115 deg. cel , rinse for 5 min in cold running water , cut the test specimen in half and dry one half at 60 deg cel and neutralise the other half for 30 min at room temp in Ammonium Hydroxide solution(2 ml/l NH4OH 20%), at liq ratio 40:1, rinse for 5 min in cold running water, dry at max 60 deg cel.
Compare neutralised vs unneutralised sample.

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