Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reactive HE Dyeing

High Exhaust Dyes (Reactive 'HE' Dyes)
HE Dyes are Reactive Dyes for cellulosic material and are designed to give high fixation by exhaust dyeing methods when applied at the temperature 75º C - 90º C. HE dyes are suitable for dying cotton and other cellulosic materials. These dyes have significantly higher exhausation and Fixation efficiency which result in appreciable cost reduction, in comparison to Conventional reactive dyes. Some advantages of HE Dyes have:-
(i) Excellent compatibility
(ii) Good built up.
(iii) Excellent Reproducibilit
(iv) Wide Applicability
(v) Outstading built up and consistency.
(vi) Good Overall color fastness properties.
Method Of Dyeing
Set the dye bath at 50º C and add dyestuff. Run for 15 Minutes. Add half of the glauber salt and continue Dyeing Raise the temperature to 80º-85º c and run for 15 minutes. Add soda Ash solution and run 30-60 minutes. Wash properly the material.

Standard Exhaust Methods for HE Reactive Dyes

Salt & Alkali Requirement for HE Reactive Dyes

Depth of Shade %
Salt g/l (Dye Liquor)
Soda Ash g/l (Dye Liquor)
Up to 0.5
0.5 to 1.0
1.0 to 2.0
2.0 to 4.0
Above 4.0
Soaping After Exhaust Dyeing
(A) Rinse cold water (10-20 min.) Repeat the process until the bath is clear.
(B) Rinse hot to remove electrolyte completely.
(C) Soaping at 85 º C (15-30 min.
(D) Rinse at 90-100 º C (10 min.)
(E) Rinse cold and finish accordingly.

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