Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Right First Time Dyeing

The concept of right-first-time production
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RFT has become an essential feature of textile processing to enable companies to remain competitive and profitable through the many benefits achieved by this concept, not least the major cost savings that are obtained.
How to Ensure Effective Color in Today's Manufacturing Processes
In the present context of global market and stiff competition with no protection like quota system, unless the suppliers are able to provide quality at the right price and delivery at the right time / just in time, they cannot be successful in the race for survival. Gone are the days when it was a sellers market when one could get away with supply of substandard goods with impunity at prices dictated by the suppliers. The buyers had no choice then; but now with open market they are exposed to better quality and features at competitive prices that too at a short notice. They are now better informed and aware of their rights to get the best value for their money. Meeting their requirements is the main thrust of the industry today.This scenario emphasizes the need to reduce costs, improve quality and features and ensure timely delivery besides reduce wastes and environmental pollution. In the area of dyeing, Right First Time (R F T) is the only answer to achieve the needs emphasized.
The following table indicates the cost of re processing.
Process-------------------------Relative Cost
RFT---------------------------- 100
+ Sampling------------------- 105
+ One Shade Correction ---135
+ One re-Dyeing------------- 175
The above data shows that there are not only quality and service problems increases due to repreocessing but also the input cost becomes almost double if the material goes for one redyeing.
Computer aided control of dyehouse operations is the modern method to increase the chances of achieving right-first-time dyeings.
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