Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Also called gassing,Singeing is a part of pretreatment process of fabric and usually a first step after weaving. Singeing is a process applied to both yarns and fabrics to produce an even surface by burning off projecting fibres, yarn ends, and fuzz. This is accomplished by passing the fibre or yarn over a gas flame or heated copper plates at a speed sufficient to burn away the protruding material without scorching or burning the yarn or fabric.
Singeing is a finishing method for smoothing surfaces of fabrics by burning. A gas-singeing machine is normally employed. The gas-singeing machine is typically equipped with four burners, and is capable of singeing one or both surfaces of the fabrics. A water-cooled roller is provided at a location opposite to the burners, thereby enabling singeing to be performed without undermining the strength of even thin fabrics. It is important to set a drain temperature of the water-cooled roller in a range of 50 to 55 C. Cautions are required because a dew-point is generated when the water-cooled roller is cooled down too much, and results in increased amount of remaining fuzz or adhered carbon. The fabric feed speed is preferably set at around 100 to 150m/minute.
Yarn singeing and singeing machines
Common problems in singeing and solution
Singeing Fundamentals

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