Monday, December 7, 2009

Textile Dyeing laboratory


The main objectives of a textile dyeing laboratory

1.To develop standard operating procedures (SOP) for all the products which are to be processed in a dye house.

2.Dyestuffs evaluation

3.Color matching together with process and product development.

4.To provide quick ,reliable and independent technical services to t4.he production department.

5.To provide a training ground for production and laboratory techinicians.

6.Process optimization and cost reduction through process modifications and developing /testing newer techniques and products.

7.In process checks of important quality parameters affecting the quality, efficiency, cost etc and monitoring.

8.Quality control of all raw material consumed and also all processed material in terms of color and fastness.

9.To analyse the problems faced in technical field by the production department and then modifying /suggesting the changes to overcome the problems.

10.To develop newer products as per the market requirement and conducting lab scale trials .

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  1. What is the effective way to check and evaluate lab to bulk reproducibility?

  2. Thanks Mr Asim ,
    The most effective way to check and evaluate lab to bulk is tracking the statistics of shade reproducibility on different substrate and doing the reverse, by doing bulk to lab ie reproduce the proven shades of bulk production in lab , if you get a difference ,fine tune the laboratory parameters to get 100% matching.Automation , strict control of different parameters and avoidance of errors is the key to good lab to bulk reproducibility.
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    thanks again.

  3. Dear sir i want the notes of the dyeing mathed and bland chek in lab

  4. Testing was performed on card slivers because of the intimate blend between the two bales composing the mix at this stage. testing equipment

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