Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hank Dyeing In HTHP Machines

Dyeing of hanks in multipurpose HTHP dyeing machines The HTHP dyeing machines can also be used for dyeing and bleaching of yarn in hank form ,by using suitable carriers on which the hanks can be loaded. The fiber dyeing carriers can also be used in which the hanks are piled ,just like in kiers, and dyeing or bleaching can be done. The last method is useful for hard twisted and coarser yarns, which are difficult to penetrate under normal atmospheric conditions of cabinet dyeing machines. The hanks are loaded into suitable dyeing carriers , which are having either straight sticks or circular sticks for loading of hanks. The hanks of different sizes can be accommodated as in the case of cabinet dyeing machines. The carriers are then put into the dyeing machine kier and rest of the process is carried out as in case of cheese dyeing . The flow rate and reversal of dye liquor direction are optimized as per the quality of the yarn.

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