Monday, February 1, 2010

Rotary Cylinder Singeing Machines

In this type of singeing machine, the cloth passes over and in contact with a heated rotary cylinder made of copper or cast iron. The rotary cylinder has internal firing and revolves slowly so that constantly a fresh surface of the roller comes in contact with the cloth. The direction of rotation of the cylinder is opposite to the direction of the fabric so that the protruding fibres or nap of the fabric is raised.
This type of machine is particularly suitable for the singeing of velvets and other pile fabrics.
If the singeing of both sides of the fabric is required, then two cylinder are employed, one for each side of the fabric.
Singeing of Knitted Goods
Because knitted fabrics are very sensitive to tension , it is therefore necessary to take special care in singeing. Important control factors in knit singeing are
  • Appropriate Singeing temperature for the particular fiber compositon.
  • Tension control at fabric entry, fabric run and fabric delivery.
  • The machines should have tension controls throughout the fabric passage. 
Gas Singeing Process and machines
Singeing Fundamentals


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