Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nike backs waterless dyeing | Dyes & Chemicals News

Nike backs waterless dyeing | Dyes & Chemicals News
BEAVERTON – Nike has entered into a strategic partnership with DyeCoo Textile Systems B.V., a Netherlands-based machinery builder that has developed and built the first commercially available waterless textile dyeing machines that use CO2 instead of water.
But with operating pressures for these machines reaching a massive 250 bar, can this technology really take off?


  1. Dear Hanu Ji

    Pls let me know the contact details of yours. I am really impressed and interested in your articles published in blogs.


    Dhawal Shah
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    1. Thanks mr Dhaval ,
      I will contact you soon.

  2. Dear Hanu
    Please get in touch with me for more practical details of this technique. I am interested in employing this technology.

    Faisal Malik
    +92 3028669951

  3. Welcome Mr Malik,
    Thanks for your attention , although the technique is reported several years back at lab scale and think this is the first large scale attempt. Please do share your practical experience .
    Thanks again


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