Friday, August 31, 2012

Waterless Dyeing of Polyester

DryDye technology

DyeCoo Textile Systems, a Netherlands-based company, created DryDye technology and the first commercially available textile dyeing machines to use recycled carbon dioxide instead of water. The name “DyeCoo” was derived from the process of “dyeing” with “CO2” (carbon dioxide).
DryDye fabrics are dyed using supercritical fluid CO2, which means carbon dioxide is in the form of an expanded liquid or heavily compressed gas. Once the CO2 is heated to 120 degrees Celsius and pressurized, it can then color synthetic fibers and enhances the distribution of dyes into fabrics, as stated on DyeCoo’s website.
Read About Waterless dyeing of polyester using supercritical carbondioxide by cschumacher here


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