Thursday, November 20, 2014

Textile Yarn Faults

Article by RESIL

What are Yarn Faults?
Yarn quality is influenced by various types of yarn faults that also affect the quality of fabric
produced. During the yarn manufacturing process various types of irregularities are generated
in the yarn diameter regularly or at intervals, commonly known as yarn faults. These faults are
categorized as below:

1. Frequently Occurring Faults( Analyzed by Uster Evenness Tester)

2. Seldom Occurring Faults( Scanned by Uster Classimat Tester)

Frequently Occurring Faults:
Thick Places

Thin Places


Thin places and thick places are produced due to drafting irregularities and neps are generated due toimmature fibers in raw material.

Why to avoid yarn faults:

Causes breaks during post spinning operations.
Reduces aesthetic appeal of the fabric, if allowed to pass.

Objectionable yarn faults can be categorized in three groups:
1. Faults due to raw material
2. Faults due to piecing
3. Faults due to Spinning machine


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