Friday, January 8, 2010

Hank Dyeing Machines

Processing of yarn in hank form
why hank dyeing?
Although package dyeing route is much simple and easy to follow for dyeing of different kinds of yarn ,but still the hank route is popular for certain qualities, there are two reasons for this,
1.The quality and nature of the product does not allow to follow package route
2.The package route is non practical and non economical.
Product quality
Certain kinds of yarns which are so delicate that their physical properties such as strength appearance ,texture and construction can not be retained while following the package route in which yarn is processed under stretched conditions at elevated temperatures. The examples of such products are natural silk, viscose rayon., voluminous yarns, High bulk acrylic , shrink resist treated wool and its blends. Cashmere ,its blends with wool and nylon ,nylon and hand knitting yarns of different fancy constructions.
Economy of process
In case of mercerized cotton yarns , the yarn mercerizing is done in the hank form and material has to be neutralized before dyeing ,therefore it is not economical to convert these hanks to packages for dyeing.
Process sequence for yarn dyeing in hank form
1.Singeing(for mercerized cotton yarns)
3.Mercerization (for mercerized cotton yarns)
4. Dyeing
5.Hydro extraction or squeezing
7.Hank to cone wiinding
Process Flow Chart of Hank processing

Dyeing in Hank Form

Type of different Hank dyeing machines

1.Roller hank Dyeing machines

2.Cabinet Dyeing Machines

3.Spray Dyeing Machines

4.Vertical Kier Machines
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