Thursday, January 7, 2010

Natural Dyes

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Complete guide to natural dyes click here
Natural dyes are a class of colorants extracted from vegetative matter and animal residues.Dyestuffs and dyeing are as old as textiles themselves. Nature provides a wealth of plants which will yield their colour for the purpose of dyeing, many having been used since antiquity.
Almost any organic material will produce a colour when boiled in a dye-bath, but only certain plants will yield a colour that will act as a dye. The plants names given below are a selection of plants that have stood the test of time, and are used widely and traditionally by natural dyers. Natural dyes fall into the following categories:

•Leaves and stems
                                  •Twigs and prunings
•Flower heads
•Outer skins, hulls and husks
•Heartwoods and wood shavings
•Berries and seeds
•Insect dyes

The choice of mordant for a particular plant is dependant upon the material with which it will be used. It is necessary to check a recipe before using a plant, or one can experiment to see what effect a mordant has for a particular application. It is recommended that plants be grown specifically for the purpose of dyeing. Harvesting plants from the wild on a non-sustainable basis can endanger the survival of the plant. Many lichens are registered as protected organisms and it is illegal to gather them from the wild.
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