Saturday, February 6, 2010

Color Fastness To Vuclanizing and phenolic Yellowing

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Color Fastness To Vuclanizing  Hot Air 
Color Fastness To Vuclanizing :-Sulphur Monochloride
Color Fastness to Vulcanizing ;- Open Steam
Phenolic Yellowing ,
New Testing Standard :-
ISO 105-X18:2007 specifies a method intended for assessment of the potential to phenolic yellowing of textile materials.
The method is specific to phenolic yellowing and does not cover the many other possible causes of yellow discolouration found on textile materials.

Textile Testing and Analysis
Issues In The Analysis And Testing Of Textile Composites With Large Representative Volume Elements
Applied basic textiles;: Raw material, construction, color, and finish, fabric analysis, chemical and physical testing of textiles, spot and stain removal, and care of clothing,

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