Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mercerizing Of Knit fabrics

Tubular Knit Fabric Mercerising
The available mercerising machines are not suitable for knit fabrics due to following reasons,

  • Difference in constructional features of the fabrc.

  • Sensitivity towards the tension and stretch applications.

  • The unsuitability of usual woven cloth expanders for knitted fabrics.
Main sections of a Tubular Knit Merceriser are

  • Special entrance scaffolding suitable for knit fabrics with guide rollers

  • Impregnation compartment

  • Ring Expanders

  • Dimensional stability section

  • Fabric Straightening Section

  • Washing Section

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  1. which is produced by the needles of only one set off needle with all the loops intermeshed in the same direction. knit fabrics


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